How Can I Activate?

The Indigo Platinum MasterCard is a primary credit card with a conventional APR and a particularly low credit limit, to get the card approved along with online services accessible at

Unless users qualify for a lower annual charge, they must acknowledge preferring the services of the IndigoCard Login portal to increase their credit score and the limit. Indigo Platinum Mastercard offers the perks of Mastercard, inclusive of an extended warranty and travel support.

If the Indigo Platinum MasterCard is received recently, the card will not operate even if the user tried it many times. This issue is faced by the cardholder because they must first activate the card before accessing it for the first time for its services.


How To Activate IndigoCard Login Account?

Fortunately, cardholders can now activate their IndigoCard online at without visiting any office and waiting in a long queue to activate the card.

Follow the simple steps to readily activate the IndigoCard in one go with all the assistance mentioned here.

Note: You can activate your Indigo Card by calling the support number given at the back of your card.

  • Firstly, visit the official site to complete the activation procedure for the card.
  • After accessing the home page, the first task users require to do is click on the Activate Card tab.
  • Now enter the login data in the relevant section such as the username and password which are already registered.
  • Once implemented, click the Login tab for the supplementary step.
  • Once users are logged in, give the details of the card that they need to activate for the usage of several online features.
  • Accountholders now have to allot a PIN code for the Indigo Card.
  • Eventually, after entering all the correct data, click on the Activation tab.
  • Wait for the confirmation which will be displayed on the same screen and a message will be delivered the next second to the registered email id.

These numbers are in the more moderate range for fair credit and in the above range for bad credit scores. If the credit score falls within this pasture, credit cardholders can utilize the users’ prequalification tool to better recognize their possibilities of being approved if they decide to precisely apply for the IndigoCard.

The credit card issuer will examine a limited version of the credit history to ascertain if it is suitable as per the profile of the user. For any further acknowledgment about the IndigoCard, get to the official customer care services at