Easy Access

The IndigoCard is an unsecured card with several perks for the users to build their credit limits in a much simpler way. This means that users can easily build their credit limit without any additional charge to consider giving. Cardholders can also prefer this card to withdraw funds from an ATM.

However, any cash withdrawals after a period of the first year will result in advance payment of $ 5 or 5% of the total. The highest credit limit for IndigoCard is $ 300, with no credit limit extension allowed.

As the Indigo Platinum card is designed for those users with low credit scores and even for those who faced financial issues, such as bankruptcies or bills sent for removals. These scenarios will not keep users away from their request being approved for the IndigoCard.

Mobile Activation For IndigoCard Account

If users are having any issues activating the Indigo Platinum MasterCard with a mobile phone, here are some easy and correct steps to follow. Users can prefer any smartphone with Android, or iOS devices as the IndigoCard.com Login portal works seamlessly on either one.

IndigoCard activation from a portable device just needs the acknowledgment of the below-mentioned details. To activate the card, dial the number below on the phone 1-866-946-9545.

Account Holders have to communicate with the call center representative which will assist them throughout the activation procedure.

After explaining the details to the call center representative, the Indigo card will be activated once the request gets approved.

The Indigo Platinum card reports to the 3 major credit agencies every month when the statement is reversed. The three major customer credit bureaus namely TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian calculate the credit standings.

Good and timely payment habits at www.indigocard.com can assist users to build their credit score in a lesser period. As long as the payments are adequately paid, cardholders can probably benefit from those credit cards with greater credit limits.