IndigoCard Merits

IndigoCard Platinum Mastercard complements the arbitrary confinement to client service given by Indigo’s services and conveniences with unique features to assist all cardholders.

Even to get acknowledgment about the credit cards and their offered perks, the card pops out to be the best option. Once the Indigo Card gets approved, users can choose their own card design and do the transaction from the private devices provided.

This will assist users to build their credit score and can be seen every time they make an online or offline purchase with the card at several supermarkets, where payments are affirmed by the retailers.

IndigoCard Login Portal Benefits

Here are some of the IndigoCard Login portal benefits to get your hands on:-

  • No yearly charges for approved IndigoCard users.
  • No obligation concerning unauthorized fees.
  • Emergency assistance with the Mastercard Global Services virtually anywhere and that to in any language.
  • Select from several card designs at no supplementary cost.
  • Online IndigoCard account management.

Additional IndigoCard Merits

Foreign Transaction Fee – There is only a 1% foreign transaction charge for utilizing IndigoCard outside of the United States and is calculated regardless of the currency in which the acquisition is done by the cardholder.

First Year Prepayment Fee – The IndigoCard offers a $ 0 pre-payment charge for the first year and after the completion of the first year, either $ 5 or 5% of the value of each transaction, whichever is greater is charged.

Account-holders must note that they have to mandatorily pay official drafted interest on cash advances from the date of the transaction. Yes, it must be paid although there is no prepayment charge at

Mastercard Global Services – Get immediate help with the card replacements, capital advances, looking for an ATM. Even users get the relevant assistance while they are reporting a lost or stolen card virtually anywhere, and anytime.