User Agreement

Indigo Platinum MasterCard users must activate, enroll, and log in for their distinct account online at The IndigoCard site gives accountholders secure access to handle their credit card account and access all the online features for easy manageability.

The usage of the site needs that users must utilize and behave rightly not placing an unreasonable or disproportionate step or burden on the site or on the official systems without engaging in conduct that restricts or makes it tricky to utilize the site.

Unauthorized usage of the website or abuse of any data or material on this site is rigorously prohibited. IndigoCard holders must get prior signed approval as of the authorization consent before accessing the Login account.

Any type of unauthorized connections or misuse of the official portal for the trademarks or service marks is restrained as per the norms of the company. Users of the portal must not prefer any robot, spider, or any additional device to monitor the available content of the Indigo Card portal.

The privacy policy for this IndigoCard site includes specific data on how the users’ information may be gathered. Also, on this site, it is clearly mentioned how can one update their personal data and contact the customer care delegates if accountholders have any issues or concerns.

The site is formulated solely for individuals lawfully residing in the United States and is over the age of 18 years. IndigoCard does not intentionally solicit data or market any categories of products or services from non-residents of the United States or minors as per the rules and regulations of the company.

If any user does not meet any of the criteria mentioned by the firm, those individuals are not allowed to create an account. If the firm receives any data from or of minors, that information will be immediately deleted from the systems.